High Quality sees further increase in vacancies in first quarter 2015

After the increase in the number of vacancies in 2014, High Quality has witnessed a further increase in the first quarter of 2015. The percentage of filled vacancies is even higher than in 2014.

Although the requirements for each vacancy remain high, we certainly see possibilities ahead. This is due in part to improved work mobility and the proactive approach of potential candidates. The confidence among college and university graduates, and their interest in switching roles, has clearly increased.

Latent job seekers

This is particularly noticeable among latent job seekers. This group is not always immediately apparent and approachable for a vacancy, but in fact holds the most potential. The use of an intermediary to fill a role is therefore still advantageous.

The finance professional in 2015

It is striking that in additional to hard criteria such as education and relevant work experience, personal qualities are becoming more important in the selection process. In 2015, the finance professional has come more and more to resemble the role of a strategic sparring partner. Personal qualities such as communicative skills, assertiveness and sensitivity to environment are increasingly being sought.

High Quality as intermediary. For 15 years.

High Quality sees itself as an intermediary between candidate and client. We fill both interim and structural vacancies. Quality, speed and certainty are our priorities. In the fast-paced employment market we are continuously in contact with potential candidates. Acting as an extension of our client, we allow the HR mechanism in their organisation to function optimally. Fifteen years of experience, expertise in finance and placement of (temporary) personnel helps us enormously.

Do you have a vacancy and would welcome some extra help? Feel free to contact us to discuss our unique approach.

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